Engineering Mathematics V (for JS Engineering, option for JS MSISS)

Mathematics Course 3E1 (lecturer: Richard M. Timoney from January 2003)

Tutorial sheets


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Solutions to tutorial sheets

Hilary Tutorial 1 [January 8--13, 2003]
Simple PDE problems.
Hilary Tutorial 2 [January 15--February 3, 2003]
Example use of divergence theorem, separation of variables solution for Heat equation.
Hilary Tutorial 3 [February 5--10, 2003]
Wave equation with boundary conditions where one end is fixed and the other free.
Hilary Tutorial 4 [February 12--17, 2003]
Use of initial conditions (for a wave equation). Nodal lines for a 2D wave equation of a rectangular region.
Hilary Tutorial 5 [February 19--24, 2003]
Circular drum and Laplacian in polar coordinates.
Hilary Tutorial 6 [February 26 -- March 3, 2003]
Types of PDEs (elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic). Setup linear programming example.
Hilary/Trinity Tutorial 7 [March 5 -- 31, 2003]
Simplex algorithm, simple graph theory.
Trinity Tutorial 8 [April 2 -- 7, 2003]
Graphs, Dijkstra's algorithm.
Trinity Tutorial 9 [April 9 -- 14, 2003]
Mapping properties of 1/z and z + 1/z. CR equations for log z.
Trinity Tutorial 10 [April 23 -- 28, 2003]
Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions (complex case), log z. Also further problems on power series and complex integration.
Solutions to further problems on power series and complex integration.

For past examination papers, see the College archive of exam papers (under Engineering, JS, Engineering Mathematics V).

Updated May 15th, 2003
Richard M. Timoney