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  I am a Hamilton Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), in the research group of Vladimir Dotsenko. In 2014-2016 I was a postdoc at Jean Leray Mathematics Institute (Nantes, France), in collaboration with Friedrich Wagemann, thanks to a fellowship of Henri Lebesgue Center of Mathematics.
Here is my CV in English, and a less regularly updated CV in French.
  My husband, Arnaud Mortier, is also a mathematician.

  In 2017 I am teaching Module MA3416: Group Representations.

      Address: School of Mathematics,
                    Trinity College,
                    Dublin 2, Ireland
         E-mail: lebed (at) maths.tcd.ie

Research interests 

A knot in Vicenza   My interests travel around the vast notions of structure and braiding, in particular their homological, categorical, and topological aspects. This includes the Yang-Baxter equation, braid groups, knots and their generalized versions (virtual, welded, twisted, handlebody, 2-dimensional), knotted graphs, quantum invariants, coloring (e.g., quandle) invariants, quantum (quasi-)shuffle algebras, braided systems, self- and muti-distributivity, Laver tables, cycle sets, Young tableaux, categorification of algebraic structures, Hopf algebras and Hopf bimodules, Yetter-Drinfel'd modules,  Rota-Baxter algebras, operads, etc. This small video introduces some of these notions for non-mathematicians. 
  I like elegant and elucidating mathematics. Sharing it is a real pleasure. That is why I engage in outreach activities whenever possible. For instance, last year I co-organized the Mathematics Club of the University of Nantes, and took part in the 5 minutes Lebesgue adventure.

Papers, preprints, and other works

A knot in Ireland

Upcoming talks

A braid in Rouen

Past talks

A knotted 3-valent graph in Osaka
A braid in Washington