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Analysis Seminar

Tuesday September 15th, 2009

4.00pm    UCD          R. Smith                   Operator machines on
          Maths Sem                               directed graphs

     There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday September 22nd

2.30pm    TCD          J. McCarthy (Washington    Angular derivatives in the
          2.6          Univ, St Louis & TCD)      bidisk

4.00      TCD          R. Timoney                 Spaceable linear
          2.6                                     complements

Tuesday September 29th

3.00pm    UCD          J. Pres                    Positive  harmonic
          Maths Sem                               functions  on  comb-like

4.15      UCD          R. Harte                   The spectral topology in
          Maths Sem                               rings

Tuesday October 6th

2.30pm    TCD          J. McCarthy (Washington    Solving  Poisson's  equa-
          2.6          Univ, St Louis & TCD)      tion with interior condi-

4.00      TCD          N. Tsirivas                Common hypercyclic
          2.6                                     vectors of Birkhoff-type
                                                  hypercyclic operators

Tuesday October 13th

3.00pm    UCD          C. Boyd                    Extreme   and   exposed
          Maths Sem                               points   of   spaces   of
                                                  integral polynomials

4.15      UCD          M. Ghergu                  Champaigne domains
          Maths Sem                               with unavoidable

Tuesday October 20th

2.30pm    TCD          R. Harte                   Lambda  commuting  op-
          2.6                                     erators

4.00      TCD          D. Kitson                  The Browder spectrum
          2.6                                     of an elementary

Tuesday October 27th

3.00pm    UCD          H. Render                  On    the    Khavinson-
          Maths Sem                               Shapiro conjecture

4.15      UCD          R. J. Smith                Strict convexity and
          Maths Sem                               topology in dual Banach

Tuesday November 3rd

4.00pm    TCD          H. Render                  Almansi      representa-
          2.6                                     tions  of  polyharmonic

Tuesday November 10th

3.00pm    UCD          S. Gardiner                Sets of determination for
          Maths sem                               the Nevanlinna class

Tuesday November 17th

2.30pm    TCD          A. Vasiliev (U. Bergen)    Contour  dynamics  and
          2.6                                     Virasoro algebra

4.00      TCD          R. Levene                  Automatic complete
          2.6                                     boundedness

Tuesday December 1st

2.30pm    TCD          M. Mathieu (QUB)           Bundles  and  sheaves  of
          2.6                                     C*-algebras

4.00      TCD          D. Henry (DCU)             Flow induced by the
          2.6                                     deep-water Stokes wave

Tuesday January 26th, 2010

3.00pm    UCD          A. Brown                   Integral  Polynomials  of
          Maths Sem                               degree n

4.15      UCD          S. Dineen                  Polynomial inequalities
          Maths Sem

There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday February 9th

2.30pm    TCD          R. Timoney                 Injective   envelopes   of
          2.6                                     some Hilbertian operator

4.00      TCD          D. Kitson                  Weyl's theorem and
          2.6                                     tensor products

Tuesday February 16th

3.00pm    UCD          J. McCarthy                Matrix  monotone
          Maths Sem                               functions

4.15      UCD          M. Ghergu                  A biharmonic equation
          Maths Sem                               with a signular

Tuesday February 23rd

2.30pm    TCD          M. Mackey                  On a theorem of
          2.6                                     von Neumann

4.00      TCD          R. Pluta                   Ternary corners

Tuesday March 2nd

3.00pm    UCD          N. Tsirivas                An  example  of  the  ab-
          Maths Sem                               stract theory of universal

4.15      UCD          H. Render                  Recurrence relations of
          Maths Sem                               Bergman orthogonal
                                                  polynomials and the

Tuesday March 9th

2.30pm    TCD          M. Dritschel (Newcastle)   Realizations via preorder-
          2.6                                     ings and the Schur class
                                                  on the polydisk

4.00      TCD          B. Sehba                   Hankel operators with
          2.6                                     weighted Lipschitz
                                                  symbols on the unit ball

Tuesday March 23rd

2.30pm    TCD          J. McCarthy                Generalisations of Ando's
          2.6                                     inequality

4.00      TCD          J. Pres                    Approximation in the
          2.6                                     cone of harmonic

Tuesday March 30th

3.00pm    UCD          V. Nestoridis (Athens)     Universal   Taylor   and
          Maths Sem                               Laurent series

4.15      UCD          C. Boyd                    Superposition operators
          Maths Sem                               between spaces of
                                                  analytic functions

Tuesday April 6th

2.30pm    TCD          R. Levene                  CB norms of right mod-
          2.6                                     ule maps

4.00      TCD          A. Kostenko (DIT)          The similarity problem
          2.6                                     for Sturm-Liouville
                                                  operators with indefinite

Tuesday April 13th

3.00pm    UCD          A. Brown                   Duality and geometry in
          Maths Sem                               spaces of polynomials of
                                                  degree n

4.15      UCD          S. Gardiner                Universal Taylor series
          Maths Sem                               on non-simply connected

Tuesday April 27th

3.00pm    UCD          P. Rippon (Open            Escaping  Fatou  compo-
          Maths Sem    University)                nents of an entire func-

4.15      UCD          R. Smith                   Duality relations in the
          Maths Sem                               theory of tensor products

Thursday April 29th, 2009

4.00pm    UCD          S. Troyanski (Murcia)      Boundaries  and  polyhe-
          Maths Sem                               dral Banach spaces

C. Boyd , R. Timoney.