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Moderatorship in Mathematics

The Moderatorship Course in Mathematics is a programme of undergraduate study leading to the award of a B.A. (Mod) in Mathematics. The aim of this course is to provide students with a firm foundation in all the basic areas of mathematics and then allow them to specialize in those areas that most suit their interests and their talents. Specialisation is possible in later years in largely theoretical (pure mathematical) topics or in application areas, of which a considerable range is available within the course.

This course is managed and primarily taught by the School of Mathematics.

The following information is here:

The first two years of the course (the Fresh years) aim to provide students with the detailed background in algebra, analysis, mechanics, computation and statistics necessary for later years. There is no choice of modules in the first term (or semester) and limited choice in the second term of the Junior Fresh (or first) year and a somewhat greater choice in the Senior Fresh year.

The final two years (the Sophister years) of the programme consist of a wide choice amongst modules on (pure) mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical or theoretical physics, Staistics, computing and (mathematical) Economics. The number of modules available under each of these general headings varies somewhat from year to year and only a minority of a students choices can be from some of the general headings mentioned. A strength of the programme is the broad range of mathematical topics which it includes and this provides for differing interests, talents and career avenues. In the Senior Sophister year many students undertake a project exploring a current area of research.

There are significant numbers of modules within the course provided by the Statistics discipline of the School of Computer Science and Statistics and modules on Computing from that School are also available as options. In addition there are optional modules from the Department of Economics available in the Sophsiter years.

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