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Moderatorship in theoretical physics

The Moderatorship Course in Theoretical Physics is an integrated programme of undergraduate study leading to the award of a B.A. (Mod) in Theoretical Physics. It is taught jointly by the School of Mathematics and the School of Physics.

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The first two years of the course (the Fresh years) aim to provide students with the broad background in both mathematics and physics that is required for a proper understanding of present day theoretical physics. In these two years Theoretical Physics students take the complete Physics lectures and practicals, together with a considerable part of the Moderatorship course in Mathematics.

The final two years (the Sophister years) of the programme consist of modules in mathematics and theoretical physics (including quantum mechanics, general relativity, electromagnetic theory, statistical mechanics, statistical physics and fluid mechanics) provided by the School of Mathematics, and a selection of specialist physics courses (including electromagnetism, modern optics, statistical thermodynamics, spectroscopy, solid state physics, nuclear physics, geophysics and astrophysics) from the School of Physics. In the third year the physics course includes some practical work, and in the final year students have the option of either a short computational physics project or further laboratory work.

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This course is funded by the Irish government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013 and aided by the European Social Fund (ESF) under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013.

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