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Minor in statistics

The minor in statistics is an undergraduate minor degree which is exclusively designed for Single Honours Mathematics students. In order to complete this minor, students must take 20 ECTS credits of compulsory statistics modules during their Senior Fresh year along with 20 (or more) ECTS credits of optional statistics modules during each of their sophister years. This gives a total of 60 (or more) ECTS credits in Statistics. A precise list of the available modules is given below. Unless indicated otherwise, each module is worth 5 ECTS credits.

The School of Computer Science and Statistics prepared a short information video about the minor which is posted on Youtube. For further details, please contact the programme coordinator Prof. Jason Wyse (

Senior Fresh year (20 ECTS credits)

Applied probability II
Management science methods (10 ECTS)
Probability and theoretical statistics

All modules are compulsory during the Senior Fresh year. Students take the yearlong module STU22006, the Semester 1 module STU23501 and the Semester 2 module STU22005. This gives a total of 20 ECTS credits in Statistics.

Junior/Senior Sophister year (20 ECTS credits each year)

Multivariate linear analysis
Applied linear statistical methods I
Applied linear statistical methods II
Stochastic models in space and time I
Stochastic models in space and time II
Modern statistical methods I
Modern statistical methods II
Statistical inference I
Statistical inference II
Data analytics (10 ECTS)

All modules are optional during the sophister years. Students take 20 (or more) ECTS credits in Statistics during each of their sophister years. The STU33/STU44 modules are offered every year, while the STU34 modules are offered every other year (and only half of them are available at any given year).