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Analysis Seminar 2008-09

******* Note unusual day. ********

Friday September 19

3.00pm    TCD          J. Ansemil (U.             Fourier Analysis applied
          2.6          Complutense Madrid)        to MP3 and GPS

4.20      TCD          K. Mikkor (Tartu)          TBA

Tuesday September 30

3.00pm    UCD          R. Aron                    Weakly dense, norm
          Maths Sem                               divergent sequences

4.15      UCD          M. Mackey                  Homotopes of
          Maths Sem                               JB*-triples

Tuesday October 7

2.30pm    TCD          P. J. McKenna (U.          Symmetry   results   for
          2.6          Connecticut & TCD)         nonlinear  elliptic
                                                  problems  and  their

4.00      TCD          M. Ghergu                  Steady state solutions
          2.6                                     for Gierer-Meinhardt

Tuesday October 14

3.00pm    UCD          C. Boyd                    Geometry of
          Maths Sem                               Marcinkiewicz  sequence

4.15      UCD          R. Harte                   Jordan enhanced
          Maths Sem

Tuesday October 21

2.30pm    TCD          S. G. Kim                  Norm and numerical peak
          2.6                                     holomorphic functions

4.00      TCD          R. Aron                    Cluster sets in infinite
          2.6                                     dimensions

Tuesday October 28

3.00pm    UCD          S. Gardiner                Potential  theory  in  the
          Maths Sem                               exterior of a cylindical set

4.15      UCD          J. Pres                    Positive harmonic
          Maths Sem                               functions on Denjoy-type
                                                  domains I

Tuesday November 4

2.30pm    TCD          J. Pres                    Positive  harmonic  func-
          2.6                                     tions on Denjoy-type do-
                                                  mains II

4.00      TCD          R. Levene                  Manifolds of Hilbert
          2.6                                     space projections

Tuesday November 11

3.00pm    UCD          A. Brown                   Norms of nuclear polyno-
          Maths Sem                               mials

4.15      UCD          J. Seoane (U. Comp.        Geometry of spaces of
          Maths Sem    Madrid)                    polynomials: the unit
                                                  ball of the complex
                                                  P (3H)

Tuesday November 18

2.30pm    TCD          S. Dineen                  Near Inverses

4.00      TCD          D. Kitson                  Browder spectra for
          2.6                                     tuples of operators

Tuesday November 25

3.30pm    UCD          S. Lassalle (Buenos Aires) Orthogonally    additive
          MathsSem                                holomorphic functions of
                                                  bounded type on C(K)

Tuesday December 2

3.00pm    UCD          R. Ryan (NUIG)             Polynomials   on   Riesz
          Maths Sem                               spaces

4.15      UCD          P. Ara (UA Barcelona &     On C*-algebras of
          Maths Sem    QUB)                       quotients

Tuesday January 20, 2009

3.00pm    UCD          B. Grecu (QUB)             Polynomial numerical
          Maths Sem                               indices

4.15      UCD          Huizhong Wu (DCU)          Large deviations of
          Maths Sem                               stochastic functional
                                                  differential equations,
                                                  with applications in
                                                  inefficient markets

Tuesday January 27

2.30pm    TCD          S. Shkarin (QUB)           Universal  elements  for
          2.6                                     non-linear operators and
                                                  their applications

4.00      TCD          R. Aron                    Generalizations of the
          2.6                                     Bishop-Phelps-Bollobas

Tuesday February 3

3.00pm    UCD          R. Harte                   Markov's inequality
          Maths Sem

4.15      UCD          M. Mackey                  A Russo-Dye theorem
          Maths Sem

Tuesday February 10

2.30pm    TCD          M. Ghergu                  Radial symmetry of solu-
          2.6                                     tions to some singular el-
                                                  liptic equations

4.00      TCD          R. Levene                  Left and right
          2.6                                     topological stable rank

Tuesday February 17

3.00pm    UCD          H. Render                  Harmonic divisors and ir-
          Maths Sem                               rationality of zeros of Ja-
                                                  cobi polynomials

4.15      UCD          C. Boyd                    Analytic Boundaries of
          Maths Sem                               Marcinkiewicz sequence

Tuesday February 24

3.00pm    UCD          A. Brown                   Boundedly integral holo-
          Maths Sem                               morphic functions

4.15      UCD          D. Kitson                  Operator ranges
          Maths Sem

Tuesday March 3

2.30pm    TCD          S. Dineen                  Holomorphic semigroups

4.00      TCD          S. White (Glasgow)         Perturbations of nuclear
          2.6                                     C*-algebras

Tuesday March 31st, 2009

4.00pm    TCD          A.-M. Stan (U. de          On  a  class  of  lacunary
          2.6          Franche-Comte, Besancon)   sets in the free group

Tuesday April 21

2.30      TCD          T. Carroll (UCC)           Hardy Inequality and Lp
          2.6                                     estimates for the torsion

4.00pm    TCD          P. Rosenthal (Toronto)     Irreducible semigroups of
          2.6                                     matrices

Tuesday April 28th

4.15      UCD          M. Hanley                  Joint approximation of
          Maths Sem                               Hardy harmonic functions

C. Boyd , R. Timoney.