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Analysis Seminar 2003-04

Tuesday September 30th, 2003

3.00pm       TCD          M. Mackey                 Non-surjective isometries

   There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday October 7th

3.00pm    UCD           S. Dineen                    Axiomatic spectra
          Maths Sem

4.20      UCD           R. Ryan (NUIG)               Polynomials with
          Maths Sem                                  unconditionally
                                                     convergent expansions
                                                     and Banach lattices

NOTE: Mathematics Seminar Room is on Floor 2 of the Science Lecture Building

Tuesday October 14th

3.00pm    UCD           J. B. Seoane (Kent State)    Lineabilty,   spaceability
          Maths Sem                                  and hypercyclic vectors

4.20      UCD           C. Boyd                      The v-boundary
          Maths Sem

Tuesday October 21st

2.30pm    TCD           V. S. Shulman (Vologda)      Schur   mutipliers   and
          2.6                                        representations   of   C*-

4.00      TCD           R. Harte                     Functional calculus lite

Tuesday October 28th

2.30pm    TCD           D. Zaitsev                   Lie groups of CR auto-
          2.6                                        morphisms

4.00      TCD           R. Huegli                    Holomorphic boundary
          2.6                                        components and

Tuesday November 4th

3.00pm    UCD           S. J. Gardiner               Radial limits of harmonic
          Maths Sem                                  functions

4.20      UCD           D. Zaitsev                   Lie groups of CR
          Maths Sem                                  automorphisms II

Tuesday November 11th

2.30pm    TCD           R. Timoney                   Norms and CB norms of
          2.6                                        Jordan elementary

4.00      TCD           R. Harte                     On the local spectrum

Tuesday November 18th

3.00pm    UCD           C. Boyd                      The v-boundary II
          Maths Sem

4.20      UCD           R. Timoney                   About von Neumanns
          Maths Sem                                  inequality

Tuesday January 13th, 2004

3.00pm    UCD           S. Lassalle (Buenos Aires)   Isometries between
          Maths Sem                                  spaces of n homogeneous

4.20      UCD           D. Zaitsev                   Jet parametrization of
          Maths Sem                                  CR maps

   There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday Januray 20th

2.30pm    TCD           A. Turnsek (Ljubljana)       An  operator  inequality
          2.6                                        and self-adjointness

4.00      TCD           R. Harte                     Orthogonality for
          2.6                                        elementary opeators

Tuesday January 27th

3.00pm    UCD           Maria Rivera (Valencia)      On the class of L-lambda,
          Maths Sem                                  quasi-L-lambda and
	  					     L-lambda-g Banach spaces

4.20      UCD           S. Dineen                    Axiomatic spectral
          Maths Sem                                  theory

Tuesday February 3rd

2.30pm    TCD           C. Boyd                      The v-boundary III

4.00      TCD           R. Timoney                   von Neumann's
          2.6                                        inequality II

Tuesday February 10th

3.00pm    UCD           R. Huegli                    Non-contractively
          Maths Sem                                  complemented subspaces

4.20      UCD           M. Venkova                   The local Dunford-Pettis
          Maths Sem                                  Property II

Tuesday February 17th

2.30pm    TCD           A. O'Farrell (NUI            Involutions
          2.6           Maynooth)

4.00      TCD           Daniela Mariz Silva Vieira   Theorems of
          2.6           (Campinas)                   Banach-Stone type for
                                                     algebras of holomorphic
                                                     functions and
                                                     holomorphic germs

Tuesday February 24th

3.00pm    UCD           M. Meehan                    Options pricing for
          Maths Sem                                  beginners

4.20      UCD           S. Dineen
          Maths Sem

Tuesday March 30th, 2004

3.00pm    TCD           R. Timoney                   Formulae for elementary
          2.6                                        operators

Tuesday April 20th, 2004

3.00pm    TCD           R. Archbold (Aberdeen)       Norms  of  inner
          2.6                                        derivations

Friday April 30th, 2004

4.30pm    UCD           R. Lavicka (NUI              Quaternionic analysis
          Maths Sem     Maynooth)

Tuesday May 25th, 2004

11.30am   TCD           Y. Turovskii                 Topological radicals and
          Salmon        (Univ. of Baku)              their applications to
                                                     operator theory

S. Dineen R. Timoney.