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Analysis Seminar 2001-02

Tuesday September 25th, 2001

3.00pm       UCD          S. Dineen                 Invertibility    in    Q-

             F209                                   algebras

       There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday October 2nd, 2001

2.30pm       TCD          J. Pau (Barcelona)        Finitely generated ideals
             2.6                                    in Hardy spaces

4.00         TCD          R. Harte                  The Arens-Royden
             2.6                                    Theorem

Tuesday October 9th, 2001

3.00pm       UCD          P. Mellon                 The topology of spaces of
             F209                                   composition operators

4.20         UCD          C. Boyd                   Exponential laws

Tuesday October 16th

2.30pm       TCD          B. Sheppard               Extensions of the Stone-
             2.6                                    Weierstrass theorem

4.00         TCD          M. Meehan                 Solutions of functional
             2.6                                    equations

Tuesday October 23rd

3.00pm       UCD          J. Pau                    Decrease of bounded
             F209                                   analytic functions

4.20         UCD          M. Hanley                 The Poisson equation

Tuesday October 30th

3.00pm       UCD          S. Dineen                 Hermitian  operators  on
             F209                                   Banach spaces

4.20         UCD          C. Taylor (Tallaght IT)   Spectral theory and
             F209                                   tensor products

Tuesday November 6th

2.30pm       TCD          R. Timoney

4.00         TCD          C. Boyd                   Polynomial reflexivity in
             2.6                                    locally convex spaces

Tuesday November 20th

3.00pm       UCD          S. Gardiner               Domain  properties
             F209                                   related to balayage

4.20         UCD          M. O Searcoid             Zorns lemma

Tuesday November 27th

2.30pm       TCD          M. Mackey                 The manifold of projec-
             2.6                                    tions in L(H)

4.00         TCD          B. Sheppard               Composition operators
             2.6                                    and JB*-triples

Tuesday January 22nd, 2002

4.00pm       UCD          S. Dineen                 Uniqueness of the
             F209                                   functional calculus

       There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday January 29th, 2002

3.00pm       UCD          P. Galindo (Valencia)     Topological aspects of the
             F209                                   space of composition
                                                    operators on H^\infty (BE)

4.20         UCD          B. Grecu (Kent State)     Geometry of spaces of
             F209                                   homogeneous

Tuesday February 5th

3.00pm       UCD          S. Lassalle (Buenos Aires)Vector-valued  functions
             F209                                   on      dual-isomorphic

4.20         UCD          C. Boyd                   A generalisation of
             F209                                   Dunford's theorem

Tuesday February 12th

2.30pm       TCD          M. Venkova                Holomorphic   functions
             2.6                                    bounded on `balls'

4.00         TCD          B. Sheppard               Prime JB*-triples and
             2.6                                    extreme dual ball density

Tuesday February 19th

2.30pm       TCD          S. Gardiner               Carleman approximation
             2.6                                    for  superharmonic  func-

4.00         TCD          R. Harte                  Variations on a theme of
             2.6                                    Kaplansky

Tuesday February 26th

3.00pm       UCD          J. Pau                    Interpolating   sequences
             F209                                   for  H^\infty on planar

4.20         UCD          M. Meehan                 Functional differential
             F209                                   equations with abstract
                                                    Volterra operators

Tuesday March 5th

3.00pm       UCD          M. Mackey                 Jordan tensor products

4.20         UCD          R. Timoney                Tensor products of
             F209                                   C*-algebras and
                                                    elementary operators

Tuesday April 9th, 2002

3.00pm       UCD          R. Timoney                Tensor  products  of  C*-
             F209                                   algebras and elementary
                                                    operators II

       There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Thursday 4th April 2002
3.00pm  F209    Prof. D. Garcia         Bohr Radius and bases for spaces
        UCD     (Valencia)              of polynomials.

Tuesday April 16th, 2002

3.00pm       UCD          R. Hügli (Bern)           Holomorphic rigidity

4.20         UCD          J. Pau                    Interpolating sequences
             F209                                   for H1  on planar
                                                    domains II

Tuesday April 23rd

3.00pm       UCD          C. Boyd                   Extending bounded holo-
             F209                                   morphic functions

4.20         UCD          M. Venkova                R-Schauder
             F209                                   decompositions

Tuesday April 30th

2.30pm       TCD          N. Boudi (U. Tetouan,     On countably generated
             2.6          Morocco)                  closed inner ideals in Jor-
                                                    dan Banach algebras

4.00         TCD          M. Mathieu                Central bimodule
             2.6                                    homomorphisms of

Tuesday May 7th

3.00pm       UCD          B. Sheppard               Weak  limits  of  the  ex-
             F209                                   treme dual ball in JB*-

4.20         UCD          R. H"ugli (Bern)          GL projections

S. Dineen R. Timoney.