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Analysis Seminar 2000-01

Tuesday September 12, 2000

12.00pm      UCD          T. Honda (Fukuoka, Japan) The Schwarz Lemma in
             F209                                   Finite and Infinite

Tuesday September 26, 2000

2.30pm       TCD          Wojciech Kryszewski       Generalised linking and a
             2.6          (Torun, Poland)           differential equation

       There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

3.00pm       UCD          C. Boyd                   A natural family of
             F209                                   Banach algebras

4.20         UCD          R. M. Aron                Sets of weakly
             F209                                   continuous points

Tuesday October 10th

2.30pm       TCD          D. Werner (NUI Galway)    Banach spaces with the
             2.6                                    Daugavet property

4.00         TCD          M. Venkova                Extending the concept of
             2.6                                    Q-reflexivity

Tuesday October 17th

3.00pm       UCD          R. Harte                  On spectral pictures

4.20         UCD          M. Meehan                 Positive solutions and
             F209                                   integral inequalities

Tuesday October 24th

2.30pm       TCD          S. Gardiner               Pole  pushing  for
             2.6                                    harmonic functions

4.00         TCD          H. MacMullan              Numerical methods for
             2.6                                    singularly perturbed
                                                    differential equations

Tuesday October 31st

3.00pm       UCD          M. Mackey                 Introduction to
             F209                                   composition operators

4.20         UCD          D. Malone                 When a self-affine tile
             F209                                   can be a parallopiped

Tuesday November 7th

2.30pm       TCD          B. Grecu (NUI Galway)     Smooth  2-homogeneous
             2.6                                    polynomials  on  Hilbert

4.00         TCD          R. Timoney

Tuesday November 14th

3.00pm       UCD          H. Petersson (Vaxjo,      PDE problems in spaces
             F209         Sweden)                   of entire functions of an
                                                    infinite number of
                                                    complex variables

4.20         UCD          S. Dineen                 Extreme polynomials

Tuesday November 21st

2.30pm       TCD          C. Boyd                   New  Banach  spaces  of
             2.6                                    holomorphic   functions,
                                                    composition    operators
                                                    and      Grothendieck's

4.00         TCD          F. Szafraniec (Krakow)    Subnormality and the
             2.6                                    creation operator

Tuesday November 28th

3.00pm       UCD          R. Aron                   Algebras  of  symmetric
             F209                                   holomorphic functions

4.20         UCD          S. Dineen                 Recent work of Lempert
             F209                                   on infinite dimensional

Tuesday December 5th (No Seminar, Colloquium)

4.30         UCD          M. Abate (Rome)           A generalisation of the
             F209                                   classical Fatou flower
                                                    theorem to
                                                    holomorphic dynamical

Tuesday January 16, 2001

4.00pm       UCD          R. Timoney                Norms of elementary
             F209                                   operators

  There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday January 23, 2001

2.30pm       TCD          R. Harte                  Cofactors

4.00         TCD          S. Dineen                 Functional calculus via
             2.6                                    tensor products

Tuesday January 30

3.00pm       UCD          Y. S. Choi (Pohang Univ.  Norm attaining operators
             F209         of Science & Technology)

4.20         UCD          R. Ryan (NUI Galway)      Helly's lemma, local
             F209                                   reflexivity and

Tuesday February 6

2.30pm       TCD          P. Kirwan (Waterford IT)  A geometric characterisa-
             2.6                                    tion or real Hilbert spaces
                                                    using complexification

4.00         TCD          R. Aron                   Some properties of
             2.6                                    multilinear functionals

Tuesday February 13

3.00pm       UCD          T. Honda (Ariake College, The   growth   theorem
             F209         Fukuoka, Japan &          of   convex   normalized
                          Goldsmiths College,       biholomorphic mappings

4.20         UCD          J. Ansemil (U.            BBn properties. Some
             F209         Complutense Madrid)       results and an open

Tuesday February 20

2.30pm       TCD          C. Boyd                   Integral & nuclear poly-
             2.6                                    nomials on locally convex

4.00         TCD          C.-K. Ng (Queen's Belfast)Amenable
             2.6                                    Representations of Kac

Tuesday February 27

3.00pm       UCD          Minoru Murata (Tokyo IT)  Structure of positive har-
             F209                                   monic  functions  on  un-
                                                    bounded domains

4.20         UCD          M. Mackey                 Tensor norms on
             F209                                   JB*-algebras

Tuesday 3 April, 2001

3.00pm       UCD          M. Hanley                 Farrell sets for harmonic
             F209                                   functions

4.20         UCD          S. Gardiner               Swept measures and
             F209                                   rational approximation

Tuesday 10 April

2.30pm       TCD          M. Venkova                Extending   holomorphic
             2.6                                    functions   of   bounded

4.00         TCD          C. Boyd                   Tensor representations of
             2.6                                    preduals of spaces of
                                                    holomorphic functions

Tuesday 17 April

3.00pm       UCD          P. Mellon                 Interation on the bidisc

4.20         UCD          S. Buckley (NUI           Hyperbolic groups and
             F209         Maynooth)                 hyperbolic domains

Tuesday 24 April

3.00         TCD          A. Diatta (NUI Maynooth)  Left invariant contact
             2.6                                    stuctures on Lie groups

Tuesday 1 May

3.00pm       UCD          Luisa Moraes (Rio de      Boundaries  for  algebras
             F209         Janeiro)                  of holomorphic mappings

4.20         UCD          M. Meehan                 Functional differential
             F209                                   equations with abstract
                                                    Volterra operators

Tuesday 8 May

2.30pm       TCD          Oscar Blasco (Valencia &  Multipliers   on   vector-
             2.6          York)                     valued Bergman spaces

4.00         TCD          P. Sevilla (Valencia)     Cotype 2 estimates for
             2.6                                    spaces of polynomials

S. Dineen R. Timoney.