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Analysis Seminar 1999-2000

Tuesday September 28, 1999

2.30pm       TCD          P. Mellon                 A  Wolff  theorem  for
             2.6                                    bounded domains

       There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday October 5, 1999

3.00pm       UCD          R. Harte                  Rooting around polyno-
             F209                                   mials: a fixation with the

4.20         UCD          D. Malone                 Wavelet sets and self
             F209                                   affine tiles

Tuesday October 12, 1999

2.30pm       TCD          S. Dineen                 Biduality

4.00         TCD          R. Timoney                On Arveson's metric
             2.6                                    operator space

Tuesday October 19

2.30pm       TCD          C. Boyd                   A categorical approach to
             2.6                                    holomorphic functions

Tuesday October 26

3.00pm       UCD          B. Grecu (NUI Galway)     Extreme  2-homogeneous
             F209                                   polynomials  on  Hilbert

4.20         UCD          A. Cwiszewski (Torun)     Equilibria on nonconvex
             F209                                   domains

Tuesday November 2

3.00pm       UCD          R. Soraggi (Rio de Janeiro)The dbar-problem    on
             F209                                   Frechet spaces

4.20         UCD          B. Arnold                 Completely bounded
             F209                                   polynomials

Tuesday November 9

2.30pm       TCD          C. Watt

4.00         TCD          M. Mackey                 The Julia Wolff
             2.6                                    Caratheodory theorem

Tuesday November 16

3.00pm       UCD          P. Mellon                 Partial Jordan structure

4.20         UCD          S. Gardiner               Boundary sets where
             F209                                   harmonic functions may
                                                    become infinite

Tuesday November 23

2.30pm       TCD          M. Venkova                Q-reflexive       Banach
             2.6                                    Spaces

4.00         TCD          P. Sevilla (Valencia)     Tensor products

Tuesday December 7

3.00pm       UCD          O. Smolyanov (Moscow)

4.20         UCD          C. Taylor                 Polynomials on Banach
             F209                                   A-Modules

Tuesday 18th January, 2000

3.00pm       TCD          R. Harte                  Vector  spectra  and
             2.6                                    Allan's theorem

   There will also be an organisational meeting for the term's seminars.

Tuesday 25th January, 2000

3.00pm       UCD          M. Meehan (DCU)           Positive solutions of Inte-
             F209                                   gral Equations

4.20         UCD          C. Taylor                 Polynomial spectral
             F209                                   mapping theorems

Tuesday February 1

2.30pm       TCD          C. Watt                   On a result of H. Cartan

4.00         TCD          D. Malone                 The right end of a
             2.6                                    dilation equation

Tuesday February 8

3.00pm       UCD          R. Timoney                Tensor products of
             F209                                   operator spaces

Tuesday February 15

2.30pm       TCD          P. Sevilla                Locally  m-convex
             2.6                                    algebras

4.00         TCD          C. Boyd                   Locally Asplund spaces

Tuesday February 22

3.00pm       UCD          M. Venkova                Q-reflexive Frechet
             F209                                   spaces

4.20         UCD          S. Dineen                 Some tensor products

Tuesday February 29

3.00         TCD          M. Mackey                 Derivatives in angular
             2.6                                    regions

Tuesday March 28, 2000

4.00pm       UCD          G. Buskes (Mississippi)   The projective
             F209                                   tensor product of Banach

Tuesday April 11

3.00pm       UCD          P. Mellon                 Partial Jordan Structures

4.20         UCD          S. Gardiner               Uniqueness theorems for
             F209                                   Harmonic functions

Tuesday April 18

4.00         TCD          B. Arnold                 Completely     bounded
             2.6                                    multilinear maps

Tuesday April 25

3.00pm       UCD          S. Buckley                Quasiconformal images of
             F209                                   nice domains

4.20         UCD          Sobolev-type spaces and   Nages Shanmugalingam
             F209         analysis on metric        (NUIM)
                          measure spaces

Tuesday May 2

2.30pm       TCD          E. Hickey                 K-theory

4.00         TCD          T. West                   Negative thoughts on
             2.6                                    positive matrices

S. Dineen R. Timoney.