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Minor in Mathematics

To complete a minor in Mathematics, students must take 20 ECTS credits of Mathematics modules each year, starting with their Senior Fresh year. All modules are compulsory during the first two years, but most of them are optional during the final year. A precise list of the available modules is given below. Unless indicated otherwise, each module is worth 5 ECTS credits.

Senior Fresh year

Single-variable calculus (10 ECTS)
Advanced calculus
Techniques in theoretical physics
During their Senior Fresh year, students take the Semester 1 module MAU11201 along with the Semester 2 modules MAU11202 and MAU11404.

Junior Sophister year

Linear algebra (10 ECTS)
Fields, rings and modules

During their Junior Sophister year, students take the Semester 1 modules MAU11101 and MAU22101 along with the Semester 2 modules MAU22101 and MAU22102.

Senior Sophister year

Introduction to number theory
Analysis in several real variables
Introduction to complex analysis
Ordinary differential equations
Calculus on manifolds
Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry

During their Senior Sophister year, students take two of the Semester 1 modules MAU23101, MAU23203, MAU23205 along with two of the Semester 2 modules MAU23204, MAU23206, MAU23302.