Here I will put up various links and information about the project that I did at University of California Santa Barbara during the summer 2011 as part of my Undergraduate studies.

I worked in the Van de Walle Computational Materials Group, in the Materials Research Lab, where I did original research in Complex Oxide Perovskites. My primary supervisor was Dr. Anderson Janotti and my second supervisor was Prof. Chris Van de Walle.

Here is a link to my UCSB homepage, where you can find a more detailed scietific description of my work.

A Complex Oxide Perovskite ABO_3

A Complex Oxide Perovskite ABO3

As part of the program I produced a Poster Presentation outlining my research.

Moreover, I gave several seminar-series talk on my work, including those for a general audience, composed of other summer students, and two group seminar-series talks, aimed at a higher level, for the Computational Materials Group. The powerpoint slides for the respective final of these two talks can be found here and here.

Valence Band Maximum of SrTiO_3

Valence Band Maximum of SrTiO3

Finally, on returning to Ireland I produced a short written Report on my research and experience for the Irish Research Council, who partly funded my work.

Band Structure of SrTiO_3 using HSE

Band Structure of SrTiO3 using HSE