Here I will put up various links and information relating to Part III. of the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge., which I completed in 2013-14, earning an Honours Master of Advanced Study in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

I studied at St. John's College, and was registed as a graduate student at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

I was awarded a Robert Gardiner Scholarship to attend the University of Cambridge.

As part of my masters I did a reading project in the area of Theoretical Cosmology, and wrote a mathematical Essay on The Cosmological Chameleon and Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravitation & Dark Energy detailing my work.


I have also given Presentation on my Part III Essay to a general aduience.

Furthermore, I took lecture courses on Quantum Field Theory, Symmetries, Fields & Particles, General Relativity, Cosmology, The Standard Model, Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Supersymmetry and String Theory, sitting exams in the first five of these.