Here I will put up various links and information relating to the reading project that I did at the Centre for Research in String Theory at Queen Mary College, University of London, which I completed during the summer of 2014. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Steven Thomas.

The project was a directed reading project on Dp-Branes and Kalb-Ramond Fields in Bosonic String Theory.

On returning to Ireland I produced a short written Report on my research and experience for the Robert Tong Bursary Trust, of St. John's College, Cambridge, who funded my work.

In addition I wrote an extensive Scientific Report on Light-Cone Quantisation in Bosonic String Theory.

Some interesting websites on String Theroy are The Official Superstring Theroy Website, written by Prof. Patricia Schwarz, and the website Why String Theory, written by summer students working in the Particle Theory Group at the University of Oxford.