Here I will put up links to my Lab Reports, and various projects that I have done during my Undergraduate studies at Trinity College, University of Dublin.

Senior Freshman

The SF Labs were better than those of JF anyway. For one, you only had to do a lab report every second week!

Junior Sophister

In the JS Labs you only have to hand in a total of four lab reports during the year!

Senior Sophister

It turns out that is Senior Sophister there is no longer the option of taking extra labs, but instead one is forced to take a Physics project which has ruined my first semester! The writing of a report is compulsory, and must be kept within a strict ten page limit, exclding abstracts, references and apendicies etc. Here you can find a Report on my project, titled Phonon Transport Calculations in Nanostructures.

We also gave two Powerpoint Presentations to the class and physics lecturers, as part of a weekly seminar-series.

Practical Numerical Simulations

In my Senior Sophister year I choose to take a computational course in the School of Maths called Practical Numerical Simulations. The assesment of this course consisted of three short computational projects.

Mathematics Final Year Project

In my Senior Sophister year I also choose to undertake a rsearch project in the School of Maths under Dr. Mike J. Peardon of the Trinlat Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Group. My project, on Monte Carlo Searches For Exotic Charmonium Mesonic States, involved researching high energy physics, quantum field theory and lattice QCD, and preforming some computational analysis of data that my supervisor had prepaired, as well as writing some C++ code to slove the radial wavefunction equation numerically for a range of potential functions. The assesment of this course consisted of wrighting up a Bachelor Thesis, to a minimum of forty pages. Mine ended up being almost sixty pages long, at over 8,000 words.

In addition a Beamer Presentation was written and presented to the class and maths lecturers.