David Malone.

I currently work as a Senior Lecturer at the Hamilton Institute and Department of Maths and Stats at, Maynooth University. You may be looking for my my web page there or my list of publications. I was a student at the School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin and much of this web page dates from then.

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First to deal with some stuff.

Where was I?

School of Mathematics,
18 Westland Row,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2,

What was I?

As the address might imply, I was a student at the School of Mathematics in TCD. I completed my undergrad degree in 1996, my masters in 1997 and my Ph.D. in 2000. After that that I worked at Corvil for a bit and then went to the CNRI. I currently work at the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth.

What do I do with myself? I waste lots of my time as mucking with computers as I'm a computer nerd. I kinda like the maths stuff I'm doing, but don't have much shiny web stuff to show for it. I like people, people are fun, so I guess I should have a link to some of the people I know. I've also written some stuff (more formally, publications) to make it seem like it is worth while having me around. I also do some sysadmining and work on FreeBSD.

As an off shoot of the two I used to help look after the basic computers course that is given to first year mathematicians and scientists. Some of the other tutors have assembled notes for the course.

When was I?

Always, but especially on Tuesday.

How was I?

Usually I'm in one of the following states:

  1. Ticking over,
  2. Fine,
  3. Surviving,
  4. Ahhh, not too bad,
  5. Curse my stupid neck anyway,
  6. Huh?
So things aren't so bad really.

Why was I?

I guess no one else wanted the job.

What did I look like?

Well you can check out the inside or the outside of me. I haven't changed much since.

David Malone dwmalone=wp@maths.tcd.ie