So who do I know ? Well there's me - I guess I knew me first, shortly after that my Mom, and then my family.

Then there was Ray and Jody, and my primary school people. Ray does camera stuff these days, and Jody goes to America for the winter when he can. I don't see much of my primary school people now - I might be able to remember all their names (It was a 3 teacher primary school, and we were the biggest "year" with 13 people).

  1. Nicola Beating.
  2. Paul Coyle.
  3. Clifford Darling.
  4. Alison Hawkins.
  5. Audry Heinz.
  6. Emer Kenny.
  7. Sarah-Jane Lenord.
  8. David Malone.
  9. Dean Patton.
  10. Linda Picket.
  11. Terry Richardson.
  12. Fiacra Sheridan.
  13. Robert Tracey.

I think that was it - It was a long time ago after all. Anyhow, Secondary school was next - there were far too many people to list there (I wrote a description on about 30 of them once - It took some time). I met Karl there. He's important, 'cos he's the first person to get a link on this page. I met other people there too - Will, Aine, Ruth, Colin, Eoin and so on and so on.

Mind you - it doesn't stop there, while I was at secondary school in Mount Temple, Jody was off at Paul's and Fintan's meeting other people. So that's how I know Ian, Milo, Clare, Alan and Ciara.

So after that there's college - where I met Ken and Sharon. Gee, I've met loads of folks.