Big Sums

You know HTML is really naff for writing maths, though things have improved recently. You can get an idea of what I write about on my scribblings page or my publications list.

Here are some fractal anims. Fractals are nice, 'cos they're so easy to play with. In secondary school I wrote myself a progam for drawing pretty pictures, and then strung them together.

Originally you need something like xanim to show them, but I've been able to regenerate some of these and upload them to Google Plus. The original links aren't really quicktime movies, but they are of a format xanim knows (Amiga IFF). If anyone can tell me how to convert them into something more net standard let me know. The images for some of these made it into a talk I gave in Maynooth in November 2000.

  1. For z -> conj(z^t) + c, this is quite interesting compared to the bog standard Mandolbrot set, bits of it are smooth!
  2. For z -> z^t + c, this is just a Mandelbot set for x^2 becoming one for x^3. An extended version is on Google+.
  3. For z -> z^2 + c(t), this shows how a circle can become one of those dusty yokes. Again, a version is available on Google+.
  4. For z -> z^2 + c, but with a zoom. Dead dull.