We will have a one-day conference on Friday March 3rd. The talks will be given by participants from the school and will take place in the Salmon lecture theatre. We will also arrange a poster session during the conference. Interested participants should submit a potential talk and/or poster title when registering.

Conference Timetable

Poster Presentations

The poster session will be outside the Salmon lecture theatre from 11:45am to 12:45pm.

Name Title (click for pdf)
Rob Klabbers/Sergei Savin Sugra from N=4 at strong coupling
Paul Ryan Master Symmetry for Strings in AdS5 x S5
Joakim Stromwall Massless Scattering in AdS3
Takashi Kameyama Affine q-deformed symmetry and the classical Yang-Baxter sigma model
Kasper Vardinghus Two-point functions in AdS/CFT

Talk Schedule

Time Speaker Title (click for slides)
9:15am Reimar Hecht Maximally extended sl(2|2) as a Quantum Double
10:00am Lorenzo Bianchi Bremsstrahlung function for ABJM theory
10:30am Coffee
10:45am Márton Lájer Truncated Hilbert space approach to the 2d φ4 theory
11:15am Mikhail Alfimov QCD Pomeron with nonzero conformal spin from AdS/CFT Quantum Spectral Curve
11:45am Poster Session
12:45pm Lunch
2:30pm Georgios Linardopoulos One-point functions in D3-D7 dCFT
3:00pm Ricardo Conti Numerical results for the spectrum of ABJM theory
3:30pm Coffee
4:00pm Andrea Orta Yangian Symmetry for the Tree Amplituhedron
4:30pm Alessandro Sfondrini Integrable Bootstrap in AdS/CFT
5:30pm Closing