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Linear Algebra Syllabus


   0. Handout    1. Vectors    2. Linear equations    3. Matrices    M. Markov matrix    4. Inverse matrix    5. Determinants    6. Eigenvalues    7. Eigenvectors    8. Differential Equations    9. Second order ODEs     R. Revision    S. Sample paper    P. Examination papers


  1. H. Anton & R. C. Busby, Comtemporary Linear Algebra, John Wiley
  2. H. Anton & C. Rorres, Elementary Linear Algebra: applications version, John Wiley
  3. David Poole, Linear Algebra: a modern introduction, Thomson Brooks-Cole
  4. David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications, Addison-Wesley Longman
  5. Ron Larson & B. Edwards, Elementary Linear Algebra, Houghton Mifflin Company

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