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Trinity College Dublin

TCD Mathematics

School of Mathematics

Mathematics Moderatorship 2006-07

Sophister Years (Group III)

Note that these details are not yet final and are still subject to change.

In the Junior Sophister year Mathematics students take 5 full group III courses or two full group II courses they did not take in the Senior Freshman year together with 4 group III courses. A BC (Broad Curriculum) course may be substituted for a group II course. Students must register for BC courses - see the BC website for details. 3D3, 464a or 481 may be substituted for a group II course. Course 464 may be taken as a full course (464a and 464b together), or 464a may be combined with 481 to make a full course.

In the Senior Sophister year, students take 5 group III courses.

This year's group III options are as follows.

Possible substitutes for group II courses for JS are: