Practical Numerical Simulations

Here are my lab reports for the practical numerical simulations computational projects.

This is a very good course, that I would highly recommend. Having never been someone who liked programing (at all) I must say that this course was taught very well, and I really learned a lot. Moreover, the small computational projects are very interesting.

The Solar System Simulation: Use C++ programing to solve a simple orbiting solar system model. You write several functions to calculate the energy and angular momentum of the system, and are able to make dozens of nice plots of your solar system.
3 weeks. .../10. Very Good.

Electromagnetism: Here you use an algorithm to solve a set of Partial Differential Equations, namely the Poisson Equations for an electromstatic potential. In addition you write code to calculate the Electric Field at all points, and to evaluate an integral.
3 weeks. .../10. Very Good.

Monte Carlo Methods for Magnetisation: Project now completed... This program was quite a bit harder to write, mostly because one must try to optimise the code, as it takes a HUGE number of Monte Carlo sampelings to get an accurate calculation of the Magnetisation, and this is not something that I am good at!
4 weeks. .../10. Good