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    Anthony is a Machine Learning and High Dimensional Neuroscience PhD candidate at University College London.

    Anthony co-founded the AI art collective Oxia Palus in 2019. Which in September 2019 reached press headlines all around the world for reconstructing lost Picasso paintings (see MIT Tech Review or list of some of the press coverage).

    Anthony holds a BA in theoretical physics from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in high performance computing from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in machine learning from University College London and has worked on many industry projects in the machine learning domain.

    Anthony's alter ego 'Toto the Robot' also partakes in chessboxing, see his fights:

  • 11th December 2021, start at 2:48:55 (win). Listen to the post-match podcast.

  • 9th December 2019 (loss).