Introductio ad Quadraturam Curvarum
(Introduction to the Quadrature of Curves)
by Isaac Newton

The Introductio ad Quadraturum Curvarum is the introduction that Newton wrote to one of two mathematical treatises appended to the first edition of his Opticks, published in 1704. These mathematical treatises were republished in 1711, in Analysis per Quantitatum Series, Fluxiones, ac Differentias, cum Enumeratione Linearum Tertii Ordinis, edited by William Jones.

The Latin text available here is taken from this edition of 1711. Also available is a translation into English made by John Harris and published in the second volume of his Lexicon Technicum, published in 1710.

Latin Text:

English Translation:


D.R. Wilkins
School of Mathematics
Trinity College, Dublin