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If you need to tell or send me something

As someone who spent most of his adult life living in the 21st century, I strongly recommend e-mail as the fastest and most reliable way to reach me. However, a few other means of communication are available too, see below. I use Linux on all my computers, so if you send me attachments in Windows formats (.doc, .rtf and similar), please be aware that I shall open them using OpenOffice. If OpenOffice cannot handle them, I shall ignore them. I try to reply to all e-mails shortly upon receiving them (usually on the day when I read them), however, e-mails in languages different from English and Russian, as well as e-mails containing files in Windows formats might take substantially longer time to be answered.

Tel: +353 1 896 3542
Fax: +353 1 896 2282
Postal address:
School of Mathematics
Trinity College
Dublin 2

For students at TCD

Office: 19.32A Westland Row, top floor of School of Maths
Office hours: e-mail for an appointment.

For visitors of TCD

From Dublin Airport, there are two options (apart from getting a taxi): the AirCoach (blue bus) route 700 to Dublin City Centre/Leopardstown, to the stop Grafton Street/Trinity College (main entrance to College), and the regular Dublin Bus service (green bus) route 757, to the stop Westland Row/Pearse Station, which is very close to both Lincoln Place gate and Pearse Street gate of College.

School of Maths is located in Hamilton Building (see the interactive map). If you enter Trinity through the main entrance (College Green), you have to cross the campus all the way to get to Hamilton Building. If you enter Trinity through the Lincoln Place gate, the building is just there on the right. If you enter through the Pearse Street gate, head straight ahead under the rail bridge, Hamilton Building will be on the left shortly after that. The best entrance to Hamilton Building is via stairs that lead up, to the 1st floor rather than to the ground floor. Once you enter, walk to the right until you see a door on the left which says Fire Exit and has a small plate "School of Mathematics" next to it. To get to my office, once you enter school of maths, take the stairs all the way to the top floor, turn right, pass through the staff common room, exit it, my office will be the second on your left.


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