Homotopy meets homology, Dublin, May 27-31, 2019

Description of the workshop:

Computing various homological invariants of associative algebras (such as Tor and Ext of various modules, Hochschild (co)homology, cyclic homology etc.) has been an active research topic in ring theory for many years. More recently (about 15 years ago), ring theorists became interested in associative algebras up to homotopy, or A-algebras, as a recipe to produce meaningful "higher structures" on classical objects like Yoneda Ext-algebras.

This offers two different perspectives on associative algebras: homological invariants are "Abelian" (i. e. arise when one works with additive categories, e.g. chain complexes of modules over a ring), while homotopical invariants are "non-Abelian" (i. e. arise from non-additive categories, like the category of all differential graded associative algebras). However, these two perspectives are closely related, and it is often possible to recover homological information from the homotopical one, and the other way round. For experts in homotopical algebra on a larger scale (beyond the associative ring theory), this philosophy is already present in works of Stasheff and Hinich on homotopy algebras.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for experts in related areas to share ideas with each other and with younger researchers, identify new promising connections and explore arising research directions.

Host institution

The workshop will be hosted by Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin.

Speakers to include:

Joseph Chuang (City University)
Karin Erdmann (Oxford)
Estanislao Herscovich (Grenoble)
Dmitri Kaledin (Steklov Institute / NRU HSE)
Bernhard Keller (Paris 7), mini-course
Steffen Koenig (Stuttgart)
Julian Külshammer (Uppsala)
Wendy Lowen (Antwerp)
Maria Julia Redondo (Universidad del Sur)
Sibylle Schroll (Leicester)
Jim Stasheff* (U Penn)
Chelsea Walton (Urbana-Champaign)
Sarah Witherspoon (Texas A&M), mini-course

* video lecture


Vladimir Dotsenko (HMI/TCD)
Vincent Gélinas (HMI/TCD)
Andrea Solotar (Buenos Aires)


We gratefully acknowledge support of Science Foundation Ireland, Hamilton Mathematics Institute and the Simons Foundation.
SFI HMI Simons Foundation

Registration and financial support:

Registration is now closed. If you are interested in attending but have not registered, please contact Vladimir Dotsenko (vdots@maths.tcd.ie) at your earliest convenience.

Applications for financial support are now closed. All applicants who sent us their CV and list of publication alongside with an application for funding have been contacted with funding decisions.

List of participants:

  1. Norah ALGHAMDI
  2. Marco ARMENTA
  3. Matt BOOTH
  5. Cristian CHAPARRO
  6. Jonathan CHI
  7. Younggi CHOI
  8. Joseph CHUANG
  9. Claude CIBILS
  10. Teresa CONDE
  11. Pierre-Louis CURIEN
  12. Vladimir DOTSENKO
  13. Karin ERDMANN
  14. Vincent GÉLINAS
  15. Apolonia GOTTWALD
  16. Yves GUIRAUD
  17. Ashish GUPTA
  18. Estanislao HERSCOVICH
  19. Natalia IYUDU
  20. Dmitri KALEDIN
  21. Bernhard KELLER
  22. Steffen KOENIG
  23. Julian KÜLSHAMMER
  24. Pier Paolo LA PASTINA
  25. Wendy LOWEN
  26. Michelle MCCARTNEY
  27. Joanna MEINEL
  28. Sergey MOZGOVOY
  29. Jovana OBRADOVIC
  30. Stefano PALESSANDRO
  31. Grygory PAPAYANOV
  32. Bregje PAUWELS
  33. Maria Julia REDONDO
  34. Lleonard RUBIO Y DEGRASSI
  35. Pablo SANCHEZ OCAL
  36. Sibylle SCHROLL
  37. Emil SKÖLDBERG
  38. Andrea SOLOTAR
  39. Niall TAGGART
  40. Pedro TAMAROFF
  41. Nghia Thi Hieu TRAN
  42. Yury VOLKOV
  43. Chelsea WALTON
  44. Zhengfang WANG
  45. Peter WEBB


A poster in the PDF format is available here; feel free to disseminate!

Statement of inclusiveness:

This event is open to all interested mathematicians, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity.