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Trinity College Dublin

School of Mathematics

Richard M. Timoney Employment

1974-78 Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois.
1978-80 Vaclav Hlavaty Research Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington.
1980- Lecturer in Mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin.
Senior Lecturer from 1990
Associate Professor from 2008
1983-91 Tutor at Trinity College, Dublin.
1984-85 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
1989- Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.
1997-2002 Chairman, School Committee, School of Mathematics
1999-2002 Head of Department (Pure & Applied Mathemtics)
9-12/2002 Visitor at University of Edinburgh
2005-2008 Director of Teaching & Learning (Postgraduate) (School of Mathematics)
2008-2013 Director of Teaching & Learning (Undergraduate) (School of Mathematics)