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Trinity College Dublin

School of Mathematics

Richard M. Timoney

Professional Activities

1970-74 Student at University College, Dublin.
1974 Travelling Studentship of the National University of Ireland.
1974-78 Student at University of Illinois, Urbana.
1977-78 University of Illinois Graduate Fellowship.
1982-87 Secretary, Irish Mathematical Society.
3/1983 Visited Warsaw under the auspices of a Royal Irish Academy/Polish Academy of Sciences exchange agreement.
9/1983 Visited the Open University, Milton Keynes, England.
3/1986 Visited Paris under the auspices of an NBST/CNRS exchange agreement.
6/1987 Visited the University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain.
1988-89 Vice President, Irish Mathematical Society.
9/1990 Visited the Mittag-Leffler Institute, Sweden during the special year on `Operator theory and complex analysis'.
1990-91 President, Irish Mathematical Society.
1991-96 Member of EUROMATH Project Committee.
9/1991 Visited the University of Toronto, Canada.
1991-2000 Member of Committee of Management, European Mathematical Trust.
1998 Organising committee for Joint meeting of the Irish Mathematical Society and the London Mathematical Society, May 22-23.
1999 Organiser for 12th September Meeting of the Irish Mathematical Society, September 2-3.
2004 Organiser (with A. Matheson and M. Stessin) of a conference on Recent Advances in Operator Related Function Theory at TCD.

Thesis supervised

See page on graduate students.


1979-80 National Science Foundation research grant.
1991-94 TEMPUS grant (coordinator), `Toru\'{n} UNIX Centre'
1993-95 EOLAS Research grant `Complex Analysis on non-smooth domains'
1994-97 TEMPUS II project (partner), `Toru\'{n} Information Technology Initiative'
1994-96 OpenMATH Human Capital and Mobility Network (participant)
1997-2000 ESPRIT project (Associate Partner), ` OpenMATH: Accessing and Using Mathematical Information Electronically'.
1998-2001 TEMPUS project (partner), `New Curricula in Mathematics and Computer Science'.
2005-2008 SFI RFP 2005 grant (PI), `Jordan and complex analytic methods for operator spaces'
2011-2015 SFI 11/RFP/MTH3187 grant (PI), `Problems associated with bounded symmetric domains'


2006- Associate Editor, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
2008- Subject Editor, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
2009- Associate Editor, Journal of Geometric Analysis

Membership in scholarly organisations

American Mathematical Society (1976- )
European Mathematical Society (1991- )
Irish Mathematical Society (1980-)
London Mathematical Society (1980- )