Teaching and Outreach

Co-Supervisor of PD Dr. Nuno Cardoso
with the postdoctoral grant by the FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology)
Lecturer at the PSI school
Petnica Summer institute, Particle physics school for early graduate students at Petnica Science Center, Serbia. Gave 2x1.5h lecture with a topic QCD: a non-perturbative perspective.
July 2014
Tutor at BUSSTEPP 2013
British summer school for students at the end of their first year of PhD in theoretical particle physics organised by the University of Sussex, UK. Gave 10 sessions of intensive tutorials in different fields of theoretical particle physics: AdS/CFT, astrophysics, string theory, cosmology, lattice gauge theories, LHC phenomenology and SUSY.
Sept 2013
Co-Organiser of Discussion Seminars
at the Humboldt university in Berlin. A journal club style MSc course that was comprised of a 1.5h discussion on a weekly basis of a chosen research topic related to lattice gauge theories. Participated in the selection of reading matherial for each semester, guided a number of discussion sessions and encouraged the participating students to take over guiding the individual discussion sessions. Course responsible: Prof. Ulrich Wolff.
Oct 2009 -July 2012
Student assistant in the Lattice gauge theory group
at the Humboldt university in Berlin, held tutorials to 2nd year undergraduates in the subject Electrodynamics/Wave optics; Lecturers: Prof. M. Mller-Preu├čker, Prof. Thomas Lohse
Oct 2008-Feb 2009
Petnica Science Center, Valjevo, Serbia
independent nonprofit organization for extracurricular science education in south eastern Europe. Junior Associate for a course of Physics until April 2009, since then: Senior Associate. This involves giving lectures on different physics topics and supervising high-school research projects.