Amel first appears as a mischievious spirit ``friend'' of Maharet and Mekare, the twins. He is an out and out trouble maker, simply because he yearns for attention. He is childish in that he wants to be everything to everyone. He is also jealous, as all spirits are, of the mortal form, of the gift of physical experience, such as taste, smell, and touch.

In an attempt to become favoured above other spirits, he unwittingly performs ``tricks'' for Akasha which earn the twins her hatred, so sealing their fates. Despite their anger and blatant hostility towards him, he persists in trying to gain their affections and attentions, ever eager to be admired and loved.

In a final showdown with the King and Queen, Amel becomes responsible for the creation of the first vampire, something which must have done his ego a lot of good! By piercing the skin of Akasha, he finds his way into her bloodstream and so gains a touch of mortality to call his own. Akasha in turn gains a touch of imortality to call hers.

Amel's thirst for life leads to a thirst for blood in the newly fledged vampires, which is so stong that they are forced to create other vampires to share their thirst. Amel's presence is diluted by passing him through many bloodstreams instead of one.

Amel's spirit is the essence that makes a vampire what it is, and he is present in all Children of Darkness.

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