Guide to the Children of Darkness

Hello readers! Just to let anyone who hasn't noticed yet know that these pages haven't even been under construction in several years, and it's unlikely that they'll come back to life anytime soon.

Since the pages are still attracting a large volume of traffic, I'm assuming that people are interested in the little information that's available on them, so they haven't had their plug pulled.

Happy surfing.


You've read the books, you've bought the teeshirt, you've bitched the casting, now discover the web page! Yes! It's the all new, ozone friendly, phosphate free guide to all things Vampire. Well, all things Anne Rice style vampire, at least.


There are no spoiler warnings on this site. If you don't want to know, don't read it!

Thank you for your undivided attention... now back to your scheduled programming.

About Anne Rice

About The Vampire Chronicles

About the "Interview with the Vampire" movie.

Letters from a Vampire.

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