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Foams are beautiful and fun! We would like to capture some of these aspects in a collection of images and texts.

We invite everybody (participant of the school or not) to submit his or her favourite foam related images (of any nature!) to us along with a title and a brief explanation of what is seen in the image.

Also, we would like to encourage you to express your impressions, wonders, frustrations etc. about foams in poems or songs or whatever comes to your mind.

This gallery will create a public library which people can use for preparations of talks etc.

The participants of the school will vote on their favourite item, which will be awarded a price.

In order to avoid copyright problems, please only submit your own contributions along with the declaration that we can publish them online - along with your name.

(via Email. For pictures:with the title of the image, your name and a brief description)







"Ordered micro-bubble crystals"

(A. van der Net)

Small (200 micrometre) equally sized foam bubbles self-order when they are trapped in a Hele-Shaw cell, here showing the transition from wet to dry foam. The water is collored with dye.


"Monolayer of ferrofluid foam between two glass plates"
(by Eric Janiaud)

"One-sided soap film"
(by M. Sostarecz and A. Belmonte)

If a wire frame is tied loosely into a trefoil knot and dipped in soapy
water, the resulting film inside has the shape of a Mobius strip - and
thus is a soap film with only one side.


"Sunset on the Bubble Planet"
(A. van der Net)

Gelatine foam bubbles.

"Films with a groove"
(by F. Elias & S. Hutzler)

Soap films of a bamboo bubble structure dance and thicken (i.e. change colour) along with a standing acoustic waves in the tube.



"Conformal Foam"
(by W. Drenckhan)

If bubbles of equal volume are trapped between two angled plane surfaces,
they arrange in a pattern which is a conformal map (log) of the honeycomb pattern.





"Black hole in a soap film"
(by F. Elias)

In a vertical soap film, coloured by the interference of
light, a thinner portion appears like a black drop (its thickness is
smaller that the wavelength of light). This drop is also lighter,
therefore it moves upwards within the film, leaving a trace behind."



(by A. van der Net)

Dry polydisperse bulk foam


Plateau's Memory
(by A. van der Net)

Bubble cube in a cubic wireframe.




Why planes would crash in foams
(by B. Dollet)

A foam flowing around an airfoil exerts on it a downwards lift, contrary to aerodynamics! The study of such a counterintuitive effect can help to better understand the mechanical bahaviour of foams and other complex fluids.




"A 10-meters high, 3 meters wide giant soap film"
(by Patrice Ballet and Francois Graner, photo by Francois Mondot)





"Never trust Surface Evolver"
(by W. Drenckhan)

The Surface Evolver is a software by K. Brakke, which is used to minimise the surface area of objects.



"Bubble Art "
(by A. van der Net)

Foam bubble floating on the water surface colored with dye



"An annealed ferrofluid 2D foam"
(by Eric Janiaud and Francois Graner)





"Metal Foams: The beer and the bread route"
(by N. Babcsan and J. Banhart courtesy of Hahn-Meitner Institute SF3,
photo: N. Babcsan and H. Kropf)

Two methods for foaming metals are used. In the first of these, gas is
injected continuously to create foam. The foam accumulates at the
surface of the melt and the result somewhat looks like a glass of
draught beer. In the second method, gas-releasing propellants are added
to the melt, akin to the yeast of the baker.


Little Bubble (confessions of a foam physicist)
lyrics and music by S. Hutzler, 1994
first performed at the 1st Euroconference on Foams, Renvyle, Ireland, 1994