Euclid, Elements of Geometry, Book I, Proposition 5
(Edited by Dionysius Lardner, 1855)

Proposition V. Theorem.
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(63) The angles (B, C) opposed to the equal sides (A C and A B) of an isosceles triangle are equal, and if the equal sides be produced through the extremities (B and C) of the third side, the angles (D B C and E C B) formed by their produced parts and the third side are equal.

Let the equal sides A B and A C be produced through the extremities B, C, of the third side, A B C D E F G and in the produced part B D of either let any point F be assumed, and from the other let A G be cut off equal to A F (III). Let the points F and G so taken on the produced sides be connected by right lines F C and B G with the alternate extremities of the third side of the triangle.

In the triangles F A C and G A B the sides F A and A C are respectively equal to G A and A B, and the included angle A is common to both triangles. Hence (IV), the line F C is equal to B G, the angle A F C to the angle A G B, and the angle A C F to the angle A B G. If from the equal lines A F and A G, the equal sides A B and A C be taken, the remainders B F and C G will be equal. Hence, in the triangles B F C and C G B, the sides B F and F C are respectively equal to C G and G B, and the angles F and G included by those sides are also equal. Hence (IV), the angles F B C and G C B, which are those included by the third side B C and the productions of the equal sides A B and A C, are equal. Also, the angles F C B and G B C are equal. If these equals be taken from the angles F C A and G B A, before proved equal, the remainders, which are the angles A B C and A C B opposed to the equal sides, will be equal.

(64) Cor.—Hence, in an equilateral triangle the three angles are equal; for by this proposition the angles opposed to every two equal sides are equal.

Book I: Euclid, Book I (ed. Dionysius Lardner, 11th Edition, 1855)

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