Conference talks

Dec 2011 Higher dimensional CFT and integrability (IHP, Paris, France)
Solving the Y-system
Aug 2011 Integrability in gauge and string theories (PI, Waterloo, Canada)
Defining the Y-system and solving it using a finite set of equations
Jul 2010 Non-Perturbative Techniques in Field Theory (Durham, UK)
Transfer matrices vs T-functions
May 2009 Enrage topical meeting (Dresden, Germany)
On the mass gap and renormalons in O(n) sigma-model
Dec 2007 Integrability and the Gauge/String Correspondence (Cambrige, UK)
Functional BES equation
Jun 2004 XI International Conference: Symmetry in Physics (Prague, Czech Republic)
Finiteness of generalized Chern-Simons theories

Local talks

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