Bulletin of the Irish Mathematical Society

Author Information

The Bulletin seeks articles written in an expository style and likely to be of interest to the members of the Society and the wider mathematical community. We encourage informative surveys, biographical and historical articles, short research articles, classroom notes, book reviews and letters. All areas of mathematics will be considered, pure and applied, old and new. (See below for details.)

Correspondence concerning the Bulletin should be sent, in the first instance, by e-mail to the Editor at
Professor Anthony G. O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth) ims.bulletin@gmail.com
and only if not possible in electronic form to the address

The Editor
Irish Mathematical Society Bulletin
Department of Mathematics
National University of Ireland Maynooth
Co. KIldare

Instructions for Authors

The Bulletin is typeset with LaTeX; therefore, authors must submit articles to the Bulletin as LaTeX input files together with any macro files or input files for the production of graphics. Typescripts are not acceptable.

The editor has prepared samples/templates and a style/class file for preparation of articles and abstracts. To obtain these please download either bims.zip (zip archive) or bims.tgz (compressed tar archive) and extact the contents - you should get a folder bims and seven files

The template files contain comments on how they should be used. For instance the article template contains these lines
%To preview the article, you should have the files
%bimsart.cls and bims.sty in the same directory (=folder).

All files should be accompanied by any non-standard style or input files which have been used. Private METAFONT and LaTeX files, reference input files and source files for diagrams must also accompany submissions.

Submission should be sent by e-mail to

No hard copies need be sent unless requested by the Editor. Typescripts will not be accepted for submission.

After publication, authors will have access to a pdf file containing their article. The Society grants authors free use of this pdf file; hence they may post it on personal web sites or electronic archives. They may reuse the content in other publications, but should explicitly acknowledge that this is being done with the permission of the IMS.

Book reviews. The instructions are as above for articles (base yourself on template-review.tex). Book reviews are normally solicted by the editor. There is no set rule about length. Less than a page is probably too terse. Try to make it informative and interesting. See recent Bulletins for examples.

Reports (e.g. on conferences). The instructions are similar to those above for articles (base yourself on template-report.tex; you should have the files bimsart.cls and bimsplain.sty in the same directory as your source file to run LaTeX or pdflatex).