Algorithms and machines poster session

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Presenter Title
Alban Allkoci Reducing the beta-shift in domain wall fermion simulations.
Roberto Ammendola Status of the APENet project
Artan Borici The shifted unitary orthogonal method for the overlap inversion
Owen Callanan An Investigation of an Alternative Compute Platform for Lattice QCD
Thomas Chiarappa A (P)HMC algorithm for N_F=2+1+1 flavours of twisted mass fermions
Don Holmgren U.S. Lattice Clusters and the USQCD Project
Waseem Kamleh Polynomial Filtering for HMC in Lattice QCD
Stefan Krieg Improving the dynamical overlap algorithm
Vincenzo Miccio Fermionic observables in Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory
Hinnerk Stüben Transnational Access to Mass Storage Capacity for Computational QCD