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Trinity College Dublin, July 1st-5th 2019


Scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory describe the interactions of fundamental particles and fields, both known and undiscovered. Their calculation is vital to discovery experiments at the high-energy frontier and to precision studies of elusive particles, such as the Higgs boson. In recent years, techniques developed for the computation of scattering amplitudes have pointed to deep new structures and symmetries within and among gauge theories, string theories, and gravity, hinting at geometric principles underlying physical theories. Topics discussed at the conference will include computational techniques, phenomenological studies with applications to LHC physics and gravitational observables, advances in specific theories of interest including integrable structures and gauge-gravity relations, relations of Feynman diagrams to number theory, and geometrical/combinatorial formulations such as the amplituhedron.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Nima Arkani-Hamed, IAS
  • Zvi Bern, UCLA
  • Leron Borsten, DIAS
  • Francis Brown, Oxford Univ.
  • Claudia de Rham, Imperial College London
  • Livia Ferro, Munich Univ.
  • Maxwell Hansen, CERN
  • Enrico Herrmann, SLAC
  • David Kosower, Saclay
  • Carlos Mafra, Southampton Univ.
  • Kirill Melnikov, Karlsruhe
  • Alexander Ochirov, ETH Zürich
  • Jan Plefka, Humboldt Univ.
  • Robert Schabinger, Michigan State
  • Lorenzo Tancredi, CERN
  • Bram Verbeek, Louvain Univ.
  • Matt Von Hippel, NBI
  • Congkao Wen, QMUL
  • Paolo Benincasa, NBI
  • Lorenzo Bianchi, QMUL
  • Jacob Bourjaily, NBI
  • Eduardo Casali, UC Davis
  • Lance Dixon, SLAC
  • Ömer Gürdoǧan, Southampton Univ.
  • Johannes Henn, MPI Munich
  • Henrik Johansson, Uppsala Univ.
  • Sangmin Lee, Seoul National Univ.
  • Pierpaolo Mastrolia, Univ. Padua
  • Ricardo Monteiro, QMUL
  • Ben Page, Saclay
  • Ira Rothstein, CMU
  • Vladimir Smirnov, SINP Moscow
  • Gabriele Veneziano, CERN & College de France
  • Anastasia Volovich, Brown Univ.
  • Stefan Weinzierl, Mainz Univ.
  • Federico Zerbini, Saclay

Public Talk

As part of the conference there will be a public lecture on Thursday, July 4th entitled "Journey to the Heart of Matter" by Lance Dixon. This will be held in the Lecture theatre in the TBSI building. This event is free but registration is required via eventbrite.

Past and Future Amplitudes

Amplitudes 2019 will be the tenth-anniversary edition of an annual international conference.
Previous editions were held at:

Future editions will be held at:
  • University of Michigan (May 11-15 2020) and will be preceeded by a summer school (May 5-9 2020)
  • Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen (2021)


A downloadable version of the poster is available here.


This is event is possible due to funding provided by:

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