David J Simms

I am an Emeritus Fellow of Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin.

I am author of:

Lie Groups and Quantum Mechanics,
Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics Number 52

Lectures on Geometric Quantization (with N.M.J. Woodhouse) Springer Lecture Notes in Physics Number 53, 1976

In Michaelmas term 2014 I will be lecturing on course MA2321: Analysis in several real variables.

Course MA2321.

In Hilary term 2015 I will lecture on course MA2322: Calculus on manifolds.

Course MA2322.


My email address is simms@maths.tcd.ie and my postal address is School of Mathematics
Trinity College
Dublin 2

My office telephone is +353-1-896 1944 and the departmental fax is at +353-1-896 2282

Updated 12 December 2014