It should be noted that almost nothing on this page is true anymore. I left college in 1994. Ireland. I never found a "real job", but instead got distracted by the lure of doing web pages for a living. I found a copy of the Cowboy Wally Show. And since people have read this web page, I am coming down with cuddly toys. However, since I like having a record of various parts of my youth, I'm keeping the page pretty much as it was when I first discovered the web in 1992.

2004 update: It turns out that "doing web pages" is a real job.

Simon's Hyplan
Simon Boyle, 51-1-1 Pearse Street Rooms, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2
email : tel: (+353 1) 608 2280
PGP Public Key: Here

Hello, my name is Simon, and I like cuddly toys...

...amongst other neat things like comics, music, cool kaleidoscopes, my really cute Bubble Gun, outstanding whiskies, Pernod, Coffee, Jolt Cola, True Love...

You know the regular sort of things. Anyway, after four years I find myself in third year Maths and Economics again, which makes me old, but not quite as rooted as Colman or Zed who are also floating around in here somewhere. Whatever about age, I think that it is safe to say that I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, God or Economics anymore, but maths is just dandy.

Most of my time not in lectures is spent either in the Maths Society or in the College Theological Society, drinking coffee and insulting people (which seems to be a popular pastime here in Ireland.) Somehow I managed to get myself roped into becoming the Maths Soc. PRO, almost certainly because I spend far too much time hooked into my new Apple Powerbook Duo230, which despite numerous attempts to dislodge it, remains the centre of my universe :).

I may actually get around to writing a serious one of these things someday, in the meantime I'm trying to set up a reasonable SLIP setup, pass my exams, and find a job. Anything which appears to be a concerted effort towards an end exists purely in the mind of the observer.

If anyone wants to do this themselves, here's a Beginner's Guide to HTML

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