Junior Sophister Labs

Here are my JS Labs.

In JS the lab module is worth 10 ETCS, or 16.66% of the year. Of this 2.5 ECTS is for the Communications and Career Developement course which you must take. While this sounds bad at first, its an easy way to get 80% in a 10 ECTS module if you put in a bit of work.

You work in pairs, and must complete one computational lab and four experimental labs, however you only have to write a report on at least two of these four experimental labs. For the first experiment you will both write a report and have a joint interview. From then on you take turns writing the reports. If you choose to write extra reports (to cancel out a bad mark say) then you may be jointly interviewed on these.

Computational Labs

Here are my JS Comp Labs

The Stationary Schrödinger Equation: Learn C++ Programing, a few different numerical mentods and (re)-learn Gunplot etc. Computational labs are marked quite hard, don't leave anything out (as I apparently did!).
6 weeks. 6.5/10. Good.

Experimental Labs

Here are my JS Experimental Labs

The Hall Effect: This experiment is very long and difficult and is marked very hard! The report is very long, don't leave anything out! (as once again I did). Make sure you understand everything for the interview. You will revise some of the Magnetism course and the Semiconductor course.
2 weeks. 8.5/10. Good.

X-Ray Spectroscopy: You will revise some of the Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy course. The machine does most of the work if you want to read the paper. Is quite calculation heavy when writing up the report.
2 weeks. 8/10. Good.

The Determination of Absolute Activity by the Coincident Method: I don't know what this revised... nothing really. Again, the machine does most of the work. You simply adjust it and hit `go' every 10 to 15 minutes. The lab report is grand. Be careful in your measurements for the range of beta particles, as our data was useless to work with! Also, our values for the γ-ray efficiencies are wrong. They should be less the the β-efficiencies (of order 10-1).
2 weeks. 7.5/10. Good.

Experimental Labs

Here are some descriptions of JS Experimental Labs that I did not write up reports for

Optical Diffraction
Most of the work involved in this experiment is aligning the camera and lenses etc. The computer records the data and does all the plotting for you. No calculational work to be done for the report, however a large amount of analytic comparisions to make between your graphs and the expected distributions. You will revise all of SF Physical Optics (which isn't much use to you in JS).

At the request of the head of the School of Mathematics I have agreed to bring to your attention the following;

"These reports are mine and are not related to the School of Mathematics except in so far as I was a student. However, the School of Physics is very much aware of these reports and will both notice and take action if you copy them. Copying other peoples work and claiming it as your own is called plagiarism and is a serious offence. If you plagiarise your lab report, the School of Physics is very likely to take disciplinary action against you."