New Results in Quantum Field Theory and Holography

Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin

Dates: May 2 - 5, 2017

Invited speakers:

Glenn Barnich (ULB, Brussels)

Miguel Costa (University of Porto)

César Gómez (ITF, Madrid)

David Kutasov (University of Chicago)

Amit Sever (Tel Aviv University)

Sergey Solodukhin (University of Tours)

Alexander Zhiboedov (Harvard University)

Workshop program (updated 4.05)


Manuela Kulaxizi (HMI/TCD) 

Tristan McLoughlin (HMI/TCD)

Andrei Parnachev (HMI/TCD)

Description of the workshop:

The past few years were marked by significant progress in understanding holography and the emergence of gravity. Locality in the bulk was formulated in terms of simple conditions in Mellin space; Einstein gravity was shown to follow from unitarity, etc. 

At the same time, remarkable progress has been made in understanding the crucial role played by the asymptotic symmetries of flat spacetime in gravity and quantum field theory. This development has led to new methods in formulating holography for asymptotically Minkowski spacetimes.

A third area which was recently marked by important achievements, is quantum entanglement. A proof for the holographic formula of entanglement entropy was given, gravitational equations of motion were derived from entanglement entropy considerations, bounds on quantum chaos and entanglement variables were formulated, etc. 

Although seemingly different, these outstanding developments have a great deal in common; they are guided by the quest for a detailed understanding of the emergence of gravity €“ via the holographic principle€“ from quantum field theory. 

Supported by HMI, Simons Foundation, TCD Maths


Registration is free of charge but mandatory. Please email qft2017@maths.tcd.ie to register by April 30th.

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Directions to campus

The lectures will take place in the Salmon Lecture Theatre (ground floor of the Hamilton building).