Andrei Parnachev

Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics

Fellow of Trinity College Dublin

Director, MSc in Quantum Fields, Strings and Gravity

Office 2.4, Hamilton Building; Email: parnachev [at]


My research is centered around holography (a.k.a. gauge/gravity duality or AdS/CFT) which relates strongly interacting quantum field theories to gravitational theories. The work includes the following research directions:



Supported by

My work is supported by the Irish Research Council Consolidator Laureate award "Gauge/gravity duality: origin and applications".

Employment opportunities

Expressions of interest are welcome from PhD and postdoc candidates for positions supported by external funding agencies, such as the Irish Research Council (IRC postgraduate and postdoctoral fellowships) and the European Commission (Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowships). It is essential to make contact significantly ahead of the deadlines, which are usually in September-October. Please email parnachev [at] for more details.