Mathematics course U11601 (C programming) Michaelmas 2021

Course slogan μηδεις ’ανυπολογιστος ’εντεστιν
(Thanks to P. Karageorgis.)

Specimen program for assignment 7

3x3 example

C programming handbook
ASCII table

Class notes
(In section 17, two missing operators have been added.)

Week 1 whiteboards
Week 2 whiteboards corrections
Week 3 whiteboards
Week 4 whiteboards
Week 6 whiteboards
Week 7 whiteboards
Week 8, 15-16 ... Week 8, 16-17
Week 9, 18-01 to 18-03 Week 9, 19-01 Week 9, 19-02

First quiz, Friday, 8/10/21 ...answers
Second quiz, Friday, 22/10/21 ...answers
Third quiz, Friday, 12/11/21... ...answers, including question 2
Fourth quiz, Friday, 26/11/21... ...answers

FAQ (infrequently asked questions) in plain text

First programming assignment
Data for programming assignments etc
Second programming assignment
Third programming assignment
Fourth programming assignment
Fifth programming assignment
Sixth programming assignment
Seventh programming assignment

Sample programs (from lectures)

submit-work: screenshots But replace 1266 by u11601 throughout.
The *nix Command Line, by Fionn Fitzmaurice
Introduction to C, by Robert Kavanagh
Specimen exam from last January
May 2018 final exam with answers