Hello! Welcome!

Here's a page of some stuff that might be useful or interesting. Probably not though... Being interesting and useful is not one of my strong points.

I would write more about myself here, but then what would I write on the "About" page?

The graph to the right there is a plot inspired by this video. What I did was solve for the position of the pen, given the positions of the pendulums and ran a parametric plot for the pendulums moving wrt time for small oscillations and with friction. To further that, I gave them some funny modes of oscillation.

Try refreshing the picture (protip: press r), it should be different enough each time. It's not purely random, though, because I kept getting some bad results if I just let it do its own thing, so you will see some similar types popping up.

The code is available in the programming section.

If you're looking for the Mongolian Ring, it's at here