Babylon 5 Wars

This is a page of stuff related to Agent's of Gaming's Babylon 5 Wars board game.

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The Shipyard

Some of my SCS's (Acrobat 5.0 PDF). Hope you enjoy them.

Minbari Shar'zha Advanced Warcruiser My take on de-munching the April Fools SOTM

Nova Gamma Inspired by discussion on the B5Wars Forum on unseen ships.

Artemis Gamma Particle Cannon armed artemis. Stablemate of the Olympus Beta Gunship.

Olympus Gamma Bolter testbed ship. Phased out by the Delta model. (Also in Babcom prototypes edition)

Olympus Epsilon Post Minbari War Olympus. Stepping stone to the Chronos line. (Also in Babcom prototypes edition)

Narn G'Damn Heavy Battlecruiser A bit of fun for April, though not too munchy at all. Original idea by GI Dask.

EA Chronos Beta Escort Variant of the Cronos for the post-show era (ISD 2270). Original idea by Edplancer.

EA Explorer Upgraded Explorer class ISA era upgrade (ISD 2264). Anong first to receive the benefits of ISA membership. Suggested by GI Dask.

Minbari Tinshara Battle Frigate Inspired by forum discussions on Orieni Era Minbari variants. Primary idea from GURU. Fluff Article

Minbari Ashinar Escort Frigate Another Orieni Era Tinashi variant, this time the precursor to the Ashinta and Esharan escorts. Fluff Article

USCMC Conestoga Assault Transport The Sulaco from Aliens for the Babcom Crossover issue. Fluff Article

Star League Gunstar Fighter From the film The Last Starfighter, the famous Gunstar, done for Babcom. Fluff Article

Centauri Darpach Escort Frigate Centarui Darkner variant. Made on request for Reid Hupach


Historical EA

With the publishing of Mongoose's Earth Alliance Factbook, combined with the efforts of the History Repair Team, stats for some of the older Earth Alliance ships can be extrapolated. Here are a couple of initial test ships, more might follow in the future:

EA Orestes Alpha Dreadnought A combination of HRT fluff and the RPG stats, for this first large earth ship.

EA Orestes Beta Dreadnought Post Centauri contact 2168 refit.

EA Orestes Delta System Monitor RPG suggested weapon fit prior to Earth/Minbari War.

EA Aries Starfury Heavy Fighter Straight copy of Richard Bax's Aries (done for SCS style consistency only).

EA Flying Fox Starfury Heavy Fighter My extrapolation based on Grave's HRT fluff and Rich Bax's Aries.

EA Tethys Alpha Police Frigate Ye olde donkey of an escort. Not to be feared, even from a Delta-V's cockpit.

EA Tethys Beta Blast Frigate The other pre-contact Tethys. Still useless.

EA Tethys Gamma Plasma Cutter Aegis Program upgrade, interceptors and thrust!

EA Tethys Delta Particle Frigate Unpopular all particle model. From RBax's HRT fluff, rather than the RPG's vague mention in  this case.

EA Sagittarius Alpha Missile Cruiser First version of the Sag missile slinger from 2225, replaced by the beta in 2230.

EA Sagittarius Gamma Missile Cruiser Dilgar war Sag variant, with R-Racks. Limited run during hte war, phased out afterwards.

EA Poseidon Alpha Supercarrier Prototype supercarrier design, lost during the Earth Minbar War.

EA Poseidon Beta Supercarrier First production version Poseidon from 2255, not Thunderbolt capable initially, but a minor hangar pod refit solved this problem in 2258 (upgraded to Gamma in 2262)

EA Poseidon Gamma Supercarrier Main production model of the Poseidon, incorporating Minbari command technology. Carries Thunderbolts

EA Omega Delta Battlescout Scout model Omega from early 2259. Gains ELINT but loses 12 Fighters and weaponry. Sillhouette 'borrowed' from RBax's Omegas.

EA Psi Corps Mothership The 'Ace in the Hole' of Earth's telepath agency. Based mostly on Mongoose RPG stats


Venerable Hyach

A set of SCS's for Richard Bax's proposed hyach upgrades (Work on completing the line may recommence if there's interest):

Hyach Venerable Irokai Kam Battlecruiser

Hyach Venerable Irokai Kar Strike Cruiser

Hyach Venerable Irokai Kal Command Gunship

Hyach Venerable Urutha Kal Dreadnought

Hyach Venerable Okath Kat Fast Frigate

Hyach Venerable Okath Kar Escort Frigate

Hyach Venerable Senchlat Kam Light Cruiser

Hyach Venerable Senchlat Kes Combat Scout

Hyach Venerable Senchlat Kir Ballistic Cruiser


Revised League 2 SCSs

Revisions of the L2 SCSs with new layouts and silhouettes, for general release.

Revised Hyach Sheets The complete Hyach fleet redone with accurate silhouettes as per RBax's superlative counters.

Revised Grome Sheets Test to determine interest in revised Grome SCSs. Again using Rich Bax's silhouettes as a base.


A Call to Arms - Points Version

An attempt to bring a point system to ACTA, based on the B5W ship stats. Each PDF is divided into the common base hulls, followed by Fighters and Variants and finally by the race's Starbases & Osats.

ACTA-Points-EA The Earth Alliance fleet v1.5

ACTA-Points-Minbari The Minbari Federation v1.1

ACTA-Points-Dilgar The Dilgar Imperium v1.2

ACTA-Points-Narn The Narn Regime v1.3

ACTA-Points-Hyach The Hyach Gerontocracy v1.0


Miscellaneous Stuff

B5Wars related Programs to ease some of the pain when handling large battles.

Win32 DiceRoller Win32 Dice Roller application. Current Version 1.8 with preliminary user defined weapon support (see file below)

CustomWeapons.txt An optional file to allow the addition of new weapons as needed to the Roller. Put in same folder as B5WHelpe32.exe and run as normal.  Instructions on adding weapons are inside the file (currently Raking, Standard, Plasma and Fighter only)

DiceRoller Older console based Helper Program (kept for the archives, use the Win32 version instead.


Cyberboard Gamebox - Eric Nussberger's B5W Gamebox v3.1 (working version)

Babylon 5 Wars Gamebox

Consolidated Critical Hit Chart

Here are a number of items of various interest, including some SCS's in Bax format (gif) and some campaign related sheets.

EA-ShadowOmega A Bax style Omega-E. Good for scaring folks with.

EA-ShadowNova A customised beasty in the style of the above.

EA-Poseidon Supercarrier A nice sheet IMHO of the biggest barn in town.

Campaign Structures Buildings for those in need of ground bases.

And finally here is the Current Map for our (in progress - aborted) campaign. Click for larger image