Das Glitch were formed in November 2003 when S. Hutzler was asked to contribute a few songs to the Christmas Party of the Dublin University Physical Society, to be held in the Gingerman. He was known to deliver his own songs at special occasions in the Physics Department. However, it was not known that he used to be a regular performer in the late eighties and early nineties, on his own and with a band, in his hometown Regensburg, and also in Reading, England (see newspaper article attached). Hutzler wanted to play, but only with a band. D. Ding and J. Morton, both TCD Maths students came to his help. After the first session it was obvious that something had happened. A band had formed, Ding and Morton had managed to dig into Hutzler's material, both capturing and reformulating its essence. Their first gig was an immediate success.

Taking part at Trinity College's Battle of the Bands in the Buttery Bar was a bigger challenge. Now there was a panel of unknown people, the novelty of having a physics lecturer playing would not be enough to make an impact. But Das Glitch offer fun and originality. They are not glued to any trends. They do what they like to do, be it a ukulele intro or a song in Hutzler's native Bavarian language. Anything goes as the band batters its stuff and Hutzler strangles each and every note, always with enthusiasm and never without a sense of self-deprecation. Das Glitch made it into the finals.

And again they captured the audience (and the referees), despite the fact that playing while one is judged might easily kill the spirit of any performance. Das Glitch came second, out of a total of 16 bands that played in the competition. Conceding to the winner, but proud to send to number three a band of jazz semi-professionals. Das Glitch are un-professionals. But they play, in the true sense of the word, "to occupy and amuse oneself pleasantly" as defined in the "Oxford Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus" (OUP 1997).

The same dictionary defines "glitch" as "irregularity, malfunction". Maybe Das Glitch shouldn't function... but they do.