List of titles, authors and dates of theses


M.Sc. Theses

  1. "Hyperbolicity and Correctness for Initial-Boundary Value Problems" John Bradley, 1972.
  2. "Zero Order Asymptotic Expansions for Singular Perturbation Problems and their Numerical Calculation" Edward P Doolan, 1977.
  3. "Finite Elements for Mixed Initial Boundary Value Problems for Hyperbolic Systems of Dissipative Type" D J Duffy, 1977.
  4. "A Higher Order Finite Element Method for the Solution of a Singularly Perturbed Differential Equation" Paul A Farrell, 1978.
  5. "Completely Exponentially Fitted Finite Difference Schemes for Some Singular Perturbation Problems" John Carroll, 1980.
  6. "A Uniform Second Order Accurate Difference Scheme for a Singularly Perturbed Two Point Boundary Value Problem" Alan Hegarty, 1981.
  7. "A Uniformly Convergent Difference Scheme for a Singular Perturbation Problem" Alan Sloane, 1981.
  8. "On Exponentially Fitted Finite Difference Schemes for a One-Dimensional pn-Junction Diode" Stephen Iremonger, 1985.
  9. "A Numerical Solution of the Two Dimensional Poisson Equation for Semiconductor Devices" Séan P Mulligan, 1986.
  10. "Some Methods for Terminal Current Evaluation in Semiconductor Device Simulation" Michael Lough, 1989.
  11. "A Method for Mesh Generation and Adaption on Domains which have curvilinear boundaries" David Costello, 1991.
  12. "A Numerical Study of e-Uniform Finite Element Methods for Regular and Parabolic Boundary Layers" Oliver A Byrne, 1992.
  13. "A Moving Boundary Finite Element Solution of a Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery Problem" Eamonn Kenny, 1994.
  14. "Finite Difference Methods for Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations in Two Dimensions" Kevin A King, 1994.
  15. "A Numerical Study of the Effect of Riblets on the Drag Force in Laminar Flow in a Semi-Infinite Channel" Mark Brennan 1996.


M.Sc. theses in High Performance Computing


  1. "Numerical Study of Linear Convection-Diffusion Problems in Two Dimensions with Applications" Gerard O'Reilly, 1998.
  2. "Use of a Supercomputer to Analyse Numerical Methods for Problems with Boumdary Layers" Alison P Musgrave, 1998.
  3. "Analysis of Rounding Errors in Numerical Solutions of a Singularly Perturbed Two-Point Boundary Value Problem with Dirichlet and Neumann Boundary Conditions" Enda O'Dea, 1999.
  4. "Robust layer-resolving numerical methods for the Falkner-Skan problem"  John Butler, 2000.
  5. “Numerical analysis of Re-uniform convergence for boundary layer equations of a converging channel with laminar flow using a transferred domain”  Daniel Murphy, 2001.


Ph.D. Theses

  1. "Finite Element Approximation to Mixed Initial Boundary Value Problems for First Order Hyperbolic Systems" Suwon Tangmanee, 1977.
  2. "Uniform Numerical Methods for Problems with Initial and Boundary Layers" E P Doolan, 1980.
  3. "Uniformly Convergent Difference Schemes for Problems with a Small Parameter in the Leading Derivative" Daniel J Duffy, 1980.
  4. "Uniform Numerical Methods for Problems with Initial and Boundary Layers" W H A Schilders,1980.
  5. "Finite Element Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problems" Eugene O'Riordan, 1982.
  6. "Exponentially Fitted One Step Methods for the Numerical Integration of Some Stiff Initial Value Problems" John Carroll, 1983.
  7. "Uniformly Convergent Difference Schemes for Singularly Perturbed Turning and Non-Turning Point Problems" Paul A Farrell, 1983.
  8. "On Uniformly Convergent Finite Difference Methods for Non-Linear Singular Perturbation Problems" Maurice J O'Reilly, 1983.
  9. "Materially and Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis" Gerald A Bonner, 1985.
  10. "Methods for the Numerical Solution of Singular Perturbation Problems in One and Two Dimensions" Conor J Fitzsimons, 1986.
  11. "Analysis of Finite Difference Methods for Two-Dimensional Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problems" Alan F Hegarty, 1986.
  12. "Numerical Methods for the Solution of the Stationary Semiconductor Device Equations in Two and Three Dimensions" Song Wang, 1989.
  13. "Aspects of Delaunay Triangulation and Mesh Generation in Two and Three Dimensions" Nial Ferguson, 1990.
  14. "Numerical Analysis of the Time-Dependent three dimensional Semiconductor device equations" Changhui Wu, 1990.
  15. "Numerical Analysis of Semiconductor Device Equations in Two and Three Dimensions" Liu Fawang, 1991.
  16. "Preconditioned Iterative Methods for the Numerical Solution of the Stationary Semiconductor Device Equations" Séan P Mulligan, 1991.
  17. "A Robust Layer-Resolving Method for Flow Past a Plate with Heat Conduction" Alison Musgrave, 2002 (to be submitted).