Jan Manschot

Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics

Contact details

School of Mathematics

Trinity College

Dublin 2


Hamilton Building

Office: 2.5

Telephone: +353 1 896 8516

Email: manschot AT maths.tcd.ie


Research interests

My research deals with fundamental aspects of quantum field theory, gravity and string theory. I am in particular interested in the dynamics of non-perturbative objects of these theories, such as instantons, monopoles, black holes and D-branes. My research is supported by the Laureate Award "Modularity in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity" from the Irish Research Council.

Recent preprints and publications

  1. with J. Aspman and E. Furrer, "Four flavors, triality and bimodular forms", arXiv:2110.11969

  2. with A. Chattopadhyaya and S. Mondal, "Scaling Black Holes and Modularity", arXiv:2110.05504

  3. with J. Aspman and E. Furrer, "Cutting and gluing with running couplings in N=2 QCD", arXiv:2107.04600

  4. with G. W. Moore, "Topological correlators of SU(2), N=2* SYM on four-manifolds", arXiv:2104.06492

  5. with J. Aspman and E. Furrer, "Elliptic Loci of SU(3) Vacua", arXiv:2010.06598

  6. with G. Beaujard and B. Pioline, "Vafa-Witten invariants from exceptional collections", arXiv:2004.14466

  7. with G. W. Moore and X. Zhang, "Effective gravitational couplings of four-dimensional N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories", arXiv:1912.04091

  8. with G. Korpas, G. W. Moore, I. Nidaiev, "Mocking the u-plane integral", arXiv:1910.13410

  9. with S. Alexandrov, B. Pioline, "S-duality and refined BPS indices", arXiv:1910.03098

  10. with G. Korpas, G. W. Moore, I. Nidaiev, "Renormalization and BRST symmetry in Donaldson-Witten theory", arXiv:1901.03540

  11. "Vafa-Witten theory and iterated integrals of modular forms", arXiv:1709.10098

  12. with G. Korpas, "Donaldson-Witten theory and indefinite theta functions", arXiv:1707.06235

  13. with S. Alexandrov, S. Banerjee, B. Pioline, "Multiple D3-instantons and modular forms II", arXiv:1702.05497

  14. with S. Mozgovoy, "Intersection cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on surfaces", arXiv:1612.07620

  15. with S. Alexandrov, S. Banerjee, B. Pioline, "Indefinite theta series and generalized error functions", arXiv:1606.05495

  16. with S. Alexandrov, S. Banerjee, B. Pioline, "Multiple D3-instantons and modular forms I", arXiv:1605.05945

  17. with K. Bringmann, and L. Rolen, "Identities for generalized Appell functions and the blow-up formula", arXiv:1510.00630

  18. with M. Z. Rolón, "The asymptotic profile of χy-genera of Hilbert schemes of points on K3 surfaces", arXiv:1411.1093

  19. "Sheaves on P2 and Generalized Appell Functions", arXiv:1407.7785

See for a complete list for example: inspire or scholar.google.com


  1. Lisbon 2021, "Scaling Black Holes and Modularity", video, slides

  2. QASTM Zoominar series 2021, "Topological correlators of N=2* Yang-Mills theory", video, slides

  3. Sheffield 2021, "Topological gauge theory, quivers and flow trees", video, slides

  4. Lisbon seminar 2021, "Vafa-Witten theory and quivers", video

  5. Trinity College Open Day 2020, video slides

  6. ICTP 2019, "Mocking the u-plane integral and Donaldson invariants", Part 1, Part 2,

  7. Lectures at SCGP 2014, 2016 and 2019 link

  8. Strings 2013, "BPS bound states and quivers", video.

Past activities

Quantum Gravity and Modularity, 3-14 May 2021

Gauge Theory and Virtual Invariants, 13-17 May 2019

Indefinite Theta Functions and Applications in Physics & Geometry, 6-9 June 2017

Journées de Physique Mathématique Lyon "BPS states, Hitchin Systems and Quivers", 3-5 September 2014, proceedings are published in Confluentes Mathematici

Last update: 26 October 2021