The following projects were advised in the Hamilton Trust Summer Internship Programme 2017 at Trinity College Dublin.

  1. Taillte May
  2. Conall McCabe
  3. Ronan O'Gorman

The following projects were advised in my Cologne Young Researchers in Number Theory Program 2015.

  1. Alexandru Ciolan and Robert Neiss, On the convergence of the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction and its generalization, Research in Number Theory, (2015) 1:15.
  2. Minjoo Jang and Steffan Löbrich, Radial Limits of the Universal Mock Theta Function $g_3$, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, accepted for publication.
  3. Joschka Braun, Johannes Buck, and Johannes Girsch, Class invariants for non-holomorphic modular functions arising from modular forms of negative weight, Research in Number Theory, (2015) 1:21.

Co-Advised with Professor Bringmann

PhD Thesis Defense CommitteesRené Olivetto, September 2014
Michael Mertens, June 2014
Diploma Theses Johanna Dahlem, 2013-2014
Ben Engel, 2013-present
Master's Theses Miriam Weingarten, graduated Spring 2014
Roland Mainka, graduated Winter 2013
Bachelor's ThesesDennis Khaskin, graduated Summer 2014

Other students advised:

  1. Yeong-Wook Kwon (Ph.D. student at Sungkyunkwan University)

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